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Let's meet!

How to Book: To make a booking please SMS me directly on 0401 941 779.

My incall location: Sydney CBD (Hyde Park area).
(Please note that I do NOT accept party bookings.)

Deposit information.

Deposit Security 

I empathise that it can be nerve wrecking to send a deposit to a complete stranger on the internet.
I must admit that I too would feel some trepidation if I were in your shoes!


Firstly, allow me to share two reasons why I ask for a deposit:

1. Our time together, whilst blissful, does in fact come with quite a few costs that I must cover. At a minimum these costs include incall accommodation fees, travel and supplies. These essential costs typically tally up to be more than 50% of my total fee. On top of that I have grooming, clothing, advertising and marketing costs. In the event that you book me without a deposit then cancel last minute I am left with hefty fees on my side yet no income. To prevent this calamity a deposit system allows me to confidently book my incall knowing most of my costs will be covered. 

2. Quality of life! I am quite a busy woman with university and professional work commitments. I also lead a healthy and fulfilling personal life. By securing time in my calendar with a deposit you allow me to plan my life around my work hours in advance. The advantage for you is a stress free, happy and energetic Danielle who is ready to make your dreams come true!


Why I will NOT steal your deposit. 

On a personal level theft is not something I condone nor partake in. On a professional level my reputation is crucial to my ongoing success. By keeping your deposit safe I ensure my reputation remains intact. 


Deposit Terms

I completely understand that things may change in your schedule and you may have the need to reschedule. If you provide more than 48 hours of notice I will happily reschedule your booking to a mutually agreeable time. If however you request a reschedule with less than 48 hours notice I will not be able to reschedule as your deposit will have already been used to pay my incall fees and other associated costs. 


Payment Options

I accept three payment methods:

  1. Bank Transfer 

  2. Smart ATM deposit (this is anonymous for you)

  3. Beem 

Deposit FAQ

How can I make an anonymous deposit? 

Easy! Take cash to a smart ATM and deposit to my bank account. This is completely untraceable at your end. 


I’ve never used Beem. What is it?

Beem is an instant and anonymous payment system. 


How can I make a deposit as an international visitor?

Smart ATM is typically the easiest way!

I have a question that wasn’t answered :(

I'm always happy to help! If I have not answered a question that is on your mind feel free to text me directly after you have read my site in full.


Yes, I'm real!

Visit my Verification Gallery!

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