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Yes, I'm real!

Never get ripped off by fake escorts again! I made this Verification Gallery to put your mind at ease. What you see here is a 100% true representation of me!

*Photos and videos taken on my iPhone in 2024, no filters, no photoshop! 

VG 1.jpg
VG 2.jpg
VG 3.jpg

A word on professionalism.

As an experienced and reputable Professional Companion I have seen many negative industry changes throughout my career. One of the most alarming has been a sharp decline in professional operating standards amongst newcomers to the industry. This lack of regard for ethical business practices may have affected you by way of a deposit being stolen by a provider. Unfortunately I hear these horror stories all too frequently.


The aim of my Verification Gallery is to ease your mind on two pertinent points:

1. Yes, I am indeed real!

2. Yes, I uphold professional operating standards.

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